Insecure S2 Ep7 Hella Disrespectful Review

I'm gonna break this down via the four main characters because that's really the only way I know how. 

Lawrence - So not here for this dudes "gosh golly I didn't know" shit anymore. He's been on that wave for two seasons and it's gone from kind of charming to really corny and annoying. How do you not know it wouldn't be a good idea to bring a date to your EX'S BEST FRIENDS BIRTHDAY DINNER??? How do you not keep it 100 with work shorty and say "nah you should sit this one out"? Cussing Issa out and then leaving with new work chick was cruel, but I've never been in that position and I understand heart break can bring out the super petty, still, she should have never been at that party to begin with. 

Daniel - I, like most ADULTS, thought Issa over reacted to his "accident" that occurred last episode. But I may need to watch that again due to his "now we are even" statement. Bad form all around. Shocked if we see him next season, that's kind of a dead horse at this point. 

Molly - we all kind of knew where this was going. People can say they are "cool" being a side piece (both men and women) but eventually, the reality of the situation hits them like a ton of bricks when feelings get involved. It's easy to call Dro a scumbag but he's just doing what she's allowing, and she claims to finally have had enough. We will see. The sweet, chubby brother from Chicago clearly likes her and is probably better for her than any of her prospects but I think it'd be corny to have her have a change of heart on him suddenly. Hopefully, he sticks around and keeps trying though, because I'm enjoying watching their relationship develop. 

Issa - Issa Issa Issa lol. I judge her often (as the writing and her character forces you to do) but I felt for her on this one. I was Happy she finally recognized how wrong she had been about the principal and his extremely odd treatment of Latino students. I say odd because when POC hate on other POC its honestly confusing to me like "yo you know we all the same and just got dropped off at different places right?". Anyway, that was dope to see. And that was followed by a really awful no good shitty day. That break down at the end was super real and a long time coming. Hopefully, she comes out of that feeling better. Sometimes, you just gotta break shit FAM. 

Final thought: the scene where Molly comes out of the bathroom and Runs into Issa and they silently and somberly "fix" each other was gorgeous. No judgments no questions asked, just two friends there for each other. it's been a very weird season (sophomore jinx is real especially when the first time around is so good, see most movies, TV shows, albums even athlete's second seasons) but this was a good one. Hopefully, they finish strong.

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